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Cluster Headaches

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Cluster Headaches

Post autor: JoeClark »

Hi there,

Anyone suffer from Cluster Headaches?

I've had bad headaches for years, localised behind my eye, lasting several days, then they go away for a few weeks, then they are back again for up to a week, neurofen or solpadiene make very little difference.

Today I was at the doctor with DS1 and talked to the doc about the headaches, she suggested cluster headaches, and agreed that they don't respond well to pain killers, so anyone with them what do you do.. or do you just let them run their course?


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Re: Cluster Headaches

Post autor: Spin »

Hi Joe,
Any news since your last post? Have they confirmed Cluster Headache? Have you seen doctors in Poland , do you live here? How are you feeling ?
All the best,